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ZoningHub gives municipalities of all sizes a new way to post their zoning regulations online, featuring an Interactive Zoning Map that is readily accessible and easily understood.


It is the civic tech solution that increases government transparency and communication by helping citizens, business owners, and potential developers find the information they need when they need it.


ZoningHub is also an administrative workhorse with tools created by city planners for city planners. It streamlines many processes including development applications and keeps both staff and the public up to date.

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ZoningHub has offered our customers a unique look into our zoning regulations and a host of other issues that tend to be confusing and somewhat intimidating. We now offer state-of-the-art information in a format not typically seen in a municipal website.
Randy Timms, Village President
My company works for a number of municipalities. So far, two are using ZoningHub. I wish all of them did; it makes code administration so much easier.
Scott Johnson, Wisconsin Building Inspections

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Featured Sites

Communities of all sizes can leverage the power of ZoningHub.

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Village of Richfield, Wisconsin


ZoningHub makes zoning easy by focusing on those parts of the zoning code that matter the most, to most of the people.

The Interactive Zoning Map has an intuitive interface and presents zoning regulations in a way that everyone can understand.

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East Troy Interactive Map GIF (LOOP)

It’s Like Hitting A Walk-off Home Run, Except Everyone Wins

Staff, developers, local officials, realtors, neighbors, and more

Who Wants ZoningHub?

Business OwnerTom is a business owner and wants to keep tabs on what’s happening near his property – he signed up for eAlerts. When a new development project is submitted for review, he (along with other subscribers) will get an automatic email.

Sample eMail

DeveloperBob is interested in buying a piece of property. He can go to the Closed Applications page to find past approvals related to the property. He can also use the Interactive Zoning Map to find out what land uses are permitted there. Bob, now a well-informed consumer, buys the property (or not).

Elected OfficialCharlene is an elected official who wants to position her community for positive economic growth. Making the zoning regulations easy and accessible is a big piece of the puzzle.

Planning Commission Xavier is a member of the local Plan Commission. As a citizen member, he’s not a zoning expert. Fortunately, he doesn’t need to be because the website gives him ready access to the most important parts of the zoning code. He also likes how he can review prior decisions to help ensure consistency.

ResidentsNeighbors around a proposed development project get a copy of a public hearing notice in the mail. The mailing includes a QR Code that opens the Comment page. Now they can share their thoughts without having to attend a long public meeting.

Sample Mailing Insert

Planning StaffStaff in the planning office has a long list of needs. They want to keep everyone in the loop as applications move through the different review procedures. They also want a way for the public to get the information they need without having to call the planning office. Staff also wants the option of having an internal “to-do” list for each application.

NeighborMr. Brooks get an eAlert and checks it out. Because the project is next door, he decides to follow the application. In a few minutes he’s signed up for Status Updates.

Sample eMail

Design ProfessionalsBeth and Gary are design professionals who are working on a project for a local developer. They first need to know the basics and then all of the details when the project starts taking shape. They really like how easy it is to submit their completed application online.

Urban DesignSally wants to do a project. Her goal is to easily find the code requirements online so that she can submit an application for a well-designed project.

RealtorsJulie is a realtor. Prospective buyers often ask her zoning questions. She wisely points them to the community’s zoning website, where they can be like Bob. Or, she does some of her own research on the site.

With the Professional Plan, ZoningHub is Much More Than A Pretty Website – It’s An Administrative Workhorse.

Staff can easily manage development applications as they move through multiple review procedures, all while keeping everyone in the loop.

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Our support staff includes both IT specialists and community planners who know zoning – we’re ready to help you succeed.

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And yes, we have  one that’s free – and robust. The Professional Plan will knock your socks off.

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