Zoning Regulations can be Reevaluated to Solve the Housing Crisis

Seattle, Washington is just one of the major metropolitan areas experiencing a housing crisis. The low inventory and lack of housing options has driven up costs for both home owners and renters, pricing many residents out of the market. “Tight rental markets make it difficult […]

Zoning Turns 100 – It’s Time We Fixed the Technology Gap

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of New York City adopting its zoning code; a first in the nation. The 1916 Zoning Resolution was passed in response to the 42-story Equitable Building in Lower Manhattan, which swallowed up every available inch on the lot and towered […]

New Feature: Tool for Development-related Agreements

You know how it feels when you have something important to do, but can’t exactly recall what it is. Or even worse, when you get that terrible sinking feeling upon remembering, because you dropped the ball – and it broke. No, we’re not talking about […]