Our team of community planners is always improving how ZoningHub’s DIY platform can help communities explain and communicate complex zoning regulations in a way that is accessible by anyone and understood by everyone.┬áSometimes, these improvements are seen in the user interface, while others are made to the content management system (CMS).

The ZoningHub Library, our latest innovation is built in the CMS so that images for Land Use descriptions and General Definitions can be easily displayed in the user interface. The Image Library contains hundreds of photographs and line drawings that demonstrate and explain sometimes convoluted zoning terms. Now ZoningHub member cities have access to these high-quality images that were taken by the ZoningHub staff and hand-selected for clarity and quality. The Image Library is constantly growing and currently has two major collections. The Land Uses collection already has over 300 images and the General Definitions collection has more than 190. Both collections are broken down into smaller categories so that you are able to easily find any image you are looking for.

All images in the ZoningHub Image Library are web-optimized so that your website does not get bogged down with bloated files and improperly formatted images. The Image Library allows you to quickly find the images you need and know that they will be ready to use and consistently formatted.

We are growing the ZoningHub Image Library so that it will be the most robust, extensive, and informative resource it can be. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for images and we will do our best to find them.164-awning-perspec You can also help contribute to this resource by sending us any unique photos you would be willing to share. We are particularly interested in building an aerial image collection. So it would be great if any of you folks are drone enthusiasts and are willing to share some of your aerial pictures. Feel free to email me for more details at [email protected].