New Feature Announcement: Image Library

Our team of community planners is always improving how ZoningHub's DIY platform can help communities explain and communicate complex zoning regulations in a way that is accessible by anyone and understood by everyone. Sometimes, these improvements are seen in the user interface, while others are made [...]

New Feature Announcement: Image Library2020-01-24T00:23:22+00:00

New Feature: Tool for Development-related Agreements

You know how it feels when you have something important to do, but can’t exactly recall what it is. Or even worse, when you get that terrible sinking feeling upon remembering, because you dropped the ball – and it broke. No, we’re not talking about [...]

New Feature: Tool for Development-related Agreements2020-01-24T00:23:23+00:00

Visible Technology

In an article for Governing, John Spencer makes the compelling case that communities should invest in technology that will have a direct impact on the lives of people, what he refers to as visible technology. That's precisely why we created ZoningHub. Take a few minutes to [...]

Visible Technology2016-04-14T15:43:43+00:00

GIS Expertise is Enhanced

We're pleased to announce that Paul Vepraskas is working with our team to improve the interactive zoning map interface and other features. As a consultant and GIS professional in the industry for 10+ years he has extensive experience working with public clients at the village, city, [...]

GIS Expertise is Enhanced2020-01-24T00:23:23+00:00

We’re in Beta (Still)

Although all of our sites are up and running, we're in Beta. Why aren't we afraid to say that? Because we listen to our customers. We are constantly adding new features and improving the user experience. Municipalities reap the benefits at no additional cost. So, [...]

We’re in Beta (Still)2020-02-02T17:16:43+00:00
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