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ZoningHub is an end-to-end solution for cities that want to share their zoning regulations with residents (and the rest of the world) in an intuitive map-based interface to promote transparency, improve citizen services, and foster positive community building.

Whether looking for high-level information or curated zoning details at the parcel level, your constituents will be able to shorten the discovery process to figure out what’s possible and then get needed approvals faster and easier to move ahead with their projects. 


Municipalities Enrolled

2 Million+

Residents Served


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ZoningHub is the First (and Only) End-to-End Solution for Zoning Codes.

We designed ZoningHub to be easy to use, yet, powerful online zoning software. We also wanted it to be a valued addition to any community regardless of the size of their population. Find out more about how ZoningHub can help you and your constituents.


ZoningHub Pricing

We base our pricing on the size of your community. See the features that come with every ZoningHub subscription and the cost breakdowns.


Client Reviews

It's our goal to have every one of our customers be happy with their choice of using ZoningHub. Read what some of them have to say.


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To truly understand ZoningHub's ease of use and features, you have to see it in use. Request a demo for you or your entire team.

Zoning Hub Overview
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See How Easy It Is To Use ZoningHub

Learn how ZoningHub makes zoning simple and easy ... like ordering a pizza online!

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It All Starts with the User

It’s not a stretch to say that most people who need to use a city’s zoning code are perplexed. Not surprisingly, this leads to frustration and that’s a bad starting point for any human endeavor.


Zoning Regulations: Instructions Not Included

Have you ever bought furniture from IKEA? It’s actually furniture in a box. They sell wood pieces and connectors neatly packed in a box or two, and you put everything together.

209899940_from 123rf.jpg

Understanding the Customer Journey

A person wanting to put up a shed in their yard or an experienced developer working on a large project are both on a journey that starts with an idea. Find out what comes after that.

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