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Everyone wants to get zoning information online in an easy-to-use platform.

Learn how you can leverage ZoningHub to do that and much more.

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Interactive zoning map answers two most frequently asked questions.

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Its super easy – like ordering a pizza on line.

Who Benefits?


  • See what and where to develop with a few clicks

  • Receive alerts for new projects

  • Track and comment on development projects

  • Get application forms and apply for permits

  • Get both zoning basics and details

Staff and Local Officials

  • Promote economic development

  • Promote transparency

  • Reduce the amount of time answering basic questions

  • Remove barriers to development

  • Manage the development review process – efficiently

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Communities of all sizes can leverage the power of ZoningHub.

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More than 80 municipalities, serving more than 1.4 million residents

Village of East Troy

Village of East Troy WI


City of Oak Creek


Town of Eagle

Town of Eagle, Wisconsin


ZoningHub Features

ZoningHub has offered our customers a unique look into our zoning regulations and a host of other issues that tend to be confusing and somewhat intimidating. We now offer state-of-the-art information in a format not typically seen in a municipal website.
Randy Timms, (former) Village President
My company works for a number of municipalities. So far, two are using ZoningHub. I wish all of them did; it makes code administration so much easier.
Scott Johnson, Wisconsin Building Inspections

With a long list of needs and high expectations as a benchmark, we evaluated our options and soon realized that ZoningHub was the solution we were looking for. With ZoningHub, we removed the mystery behind our zoning regulations.

Zachary Vruwink, (former) Mayor

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Our support staff includes both IT specialists and community planners who know zoning – we’re ready to help you succeed.

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ZoningHub is the first (and only) end-to-end solution for zoning codes.

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