Zoning Regulations: Instructions Not Included

Have you ever bought furniture from IKEA? It’s actually furniture in a box. They sell wood pieces and connectors neatly packed in a box or two, and you put everything together. When you open the box, the first thing you look for is the instruction […]

Nick’s Nightmare – Lessons Learned

In many respects, Nick is like most people who buy property. He searched high and low to find a house that he and his family liked, asked questions, negotiated a sales price, and moved in.
Sometime later, he realized that his family needed more storage space. […]

New Feature Announcement: Image Library

Our team of community planners is always improving how ZoningHub’s DIY platform can help communities explain and communicate complex zoning regulations in a way that is accessible by anyone and understood by everyone. Sometimes, these improvements are seen in the user interface, while others are made […]

Slim Down Your Zoning in the New Year

Let’s use 2016 to start deconstructing zoning and establishing a land use regulatory scheme that promotes re-population.  For too long we have focused our efforts on buildings and spaces to achieve “placemaking.”  You know the old adage “if you build it they will come.”  Rich […]

Zoning Regulations can be Reevaluated to Solve the Housing Crisis

Seattle, Washington is just one of the major metropolitan areas experiencing a housing crisis. The low inventory and lack of housing options has driven up costs for both home owners and renters, pricing many residents out of the market. “Tight rental markets make it difficult […]

Zoning Turns 100 – It’s Time We Fixed the Technology Gap

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of New York City adopting its zoning code; a first in the nation. The 1916 Zoning Resolution was passed in response to the 42-story Equitable Building in Lower Manhattan, which swallowed up every available inch on the lot and towered […]

New Feature: Tool for Development-related Agreements

You know how it feels when you have something important to do, but can’t exactly recall what it is. Or even worse, when you get that terrible sinking feeling upon remembering, because you dropped the ball – and it broke. No, we’re not talking about […]

Client Spotlight – East Troy

Village of East Troy, Wisconsin
Residents: 4,341
ZoningHub Member Since 2014
The Village of East Troy is nestled in the fertile region of southeastern Wisconsin. Surrounded by quiet lakes and rivers, the Village incorporated in 1900 and has since blossomed into a vibrant community. At the heart of […]

ZoningHub Interface gets better with User Testing

In keeping with our commitment to make the interface more streamlined and intuitive, the team at ZoningHub has initiated a round of one-on-one user tests. We’re happy to report we’ve made minor and more noticeable changes to the interface based on that feedback. Most of the improvements were made to the left menu on the interactive zoning map. […]

Ledgeview Joins

The Town of Ledgeview, Wisconsin (population 6,700) joins the ZoningHub community. We especially like their motto: Whether you’re looking to live, work or play here, we ask that you “set your sights high.”

Wisconsin Rapids Joins the ZoningHub Community

The City of Wisconsin Rapids, population 18,000, will soon begin the 18-month process of rewriting its zoning code. The City’s ZoningHub website will be an integral part of the public participation process so that citizens can easily see how the new code may affect their property.

“Search” Feature is in the Works

We heard what our clients wanted, and have begun developing a Search feature for the Interactive Zoning Map. Our goal is to begin beta testing by the second week in August.

Visible Technology

In an article for Governing, John Spencer makes the compelling case that communities should invest in technology that will have a direct impact on the lives of people, what he refers to as visible technology. That’s precisely why we created ZoningHub.
Take a few minutes to read […]

GIS Expertise is Enhanced

We’re pleased to announce that Paul Vepraskas is working with our team to improve the interactive zoning map interface and other features. As a consultant and GIS professional in the industry for 10+ years he has extensive experience working with public clients at the village, city, […]

New Website

Just launched our new website. We’ll continue tweaking the site in the coming months. Enjoy!

We’re in Beta (Still)

Although all of our sites are up and running, we’re in Beta. Why aren’t we afraid to say that? Because we listen to our customers. We are constantly adding new features and improving the user experience. Municipalities reap the benefits at no additional cost. So, […]

Town of Eagle Surpasses 1,100

Local officials in the Town of Eagle (Wisconsin) have invested a lot of time and energy in posting prior development applications on their site. In fact, they now have posted more than 1,100 development applications online, some of these are from three decades ago. Up until […]

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